23 Giugno 2018

Adriaradnet Project VIdeo

11-09-2015 09:16 - News Generiche
ADRIARadNet is the acronym of ADRIAtic integrated RADar-based and web-oriented information processing system NETwork to support hydro-meteorological monitoring and civil protection decisions.

ADRIARadNet is an IPA project cofunded by the European Union and the Marche and Abruzzo Italian Regions Civil Protection, together with the colleagues on the other Adriatic Bank form Dubrovnik Neretva County (Croatia) and Albania. The scope of the Project is to create a Weather Radar Network based upon four radars (two single polarization in Albania and Croatia and two dual polarization in Italy) connected and al transmitting their data on the web to monitor and help the contrast of catastrophic weather phenomena in the middle Adriatic region.
As you probably know Eldes has participated and has been awarded of three tenders and will therefore supplied one WR-10X (single pol weather radar) to the Croatian Civil Protections and two Dual Pol WR-25XP to the Abruzzo and Marche Regions Civil Protections in Italy.
This new Operative Research Project will constitute a new and challenging test bed for the Eldes Instruments.
Now an interesting video has been published on you tube describing (with English subtitles) the project. We encourage you to view it clicking on the following link: Sentinels Against Floods

[Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it]
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