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code: IRX - Receivers and processors
The IRX module is a state-of-the-art integrated receiver that, thanks to the high level of integration, can provide all the functions usually supplied by receivers built using a "building-block" approach.
The IRX´s advantages include low cost, high performance, high reliability, and easy system maintenance.

- The IRX, using the latest technology widely used in the telecom market, is composed of the following sub-modules:
- Receiver channel (RX_1) receives the microwave signal from the radar antenna and converts it to IF. This channel has two IF outputs with different gains to allow an ultra-high dynamic range (>100dB for the whole system).
- A second receiver channel (RX_2), identical to RX_1, is provided when the radar system processes two polarizations.
- A transmitter-sample channel (TXS) converts a sample of the microwave TX pulse signal to IF. The output of this channel is used by the digital receiver to allow phase/amplitude correction for coherent-on-receiver systems.
- The TX-drive channel is used to generate the microwave low power drive pulse, derived from an IF pulse, to drive the radar power amplifier. The TX section has another output, TSG_OUT, to generate a microwave pulsed Test Signal for automatic calibration procedures and other test purposes.
- The LO & Logic module generates the first and second Local Oscillator (LO) signals to be used by the RX_1, RX_2, TXS and TX modules. This module takes external power and generates all the voltages required by the entire IRX. External communication ports are provided to control all functions, such as operating frequency, B.I.T.E., status and diagnostics. All control operations are executed by an on-board FPGA and RISC microprocessor. The LO signals are generated using a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) chip combined with a Single Side Band (SSB) Quadrature Modulator chip driven by a precise crystal-controlled clock.
- Ethernet and serial RS232 i are available through RJ45 and RJ11 connectors to receive commands and send status information.

Main Features
Three RX channels, for horizontal & vertical polarization and TX-burst
Tx drive up-conversion channel
Calibration signal generation
Dual conversion architecture (High image and interference rejection).
Fully coherent operation with integrated up-converter
Very wide dynamic range (> 100dB)
Operative band up to 500 MHz
Available in C, S and X band version
Low Noise Figure
On-line BITE
High integration in a single Eurocard 6U form factor module

IRX Configurations:
IRX can be configured in factory in several different versions:
a) Magnetron radar, single polarization or switched dual polarization.
b) Magnetron radar, single polarization or switched dual polarization with TX Sample functionality.
c) Magnetron radar, simultaneous dual polarization.
d) Magnetron radar, simultaneous dual polarization and with TX Sample functionality.
e) Klystron radar (or solid-state), single polarization or switched dual polarization and with TX Sample functionality.
f) Klystron radar (or solid-state), simultaneous dual polarization and with TX Sample functionality.
Note: it is also possible to use two IRXs (4 RX channels and 2 TX Burst channels).
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