23 Giugno 2018


code: NDRX - Receivers and processors
The NDRX Digital Receiver and Radar Signal Processor is designed to equip doppler weather radars including coherent-on-receive / coherent-on-transmit systems as well as single polarization /dual polarization ones. All these configurations are supported for both Magnetron and Klystron based systems.

NDRX digitizes the receiver IF signals, converting them to baseband I/Q and estimates the moments required by the different operative modes.
The NDRX provides different clutter correction methods as well as data thresholding (SNR, SQI, CSR, Speckle).
The NDRX system is based on three types of boards: I/O board, Computational board, and Waveform Generator board. Using these modules is possible to build-up powerful system configurations to respond to any weather radar requirement.
NDRX provides other important functions like Trigger generation and antenna angle tags reading. NDRX has five IF inputs. The first four can be paired to form two very wide dynamic range channels (> 105dB on 0.5MHz) for simultaneous dual polarization system.
The fifth channel is used to sample the TX burst for amplitude and phase correction necessary on magnetron coherent-on-receive systems.

The NDRX basic computational resources of 3.84 GFLOPS is enough for the typical processing needs of a simultaneous dual polarization weather radar system. The system is easily expandable to accomplish more demanding computational needs.
The NDRX can generate the TX waveform to drive the transmitting chain. Phase coded waveforms allow the second trip echo recovery or other useful features possible on fully coherent systems like: pulse shaping, to control the occupied RF bandwidth; pulse compression to support solid-state or TWT systems.
The system is equipped with an appropriate BITE circuitry for prompt fault detection at board level.

The Host computer (usually the Radar Data Processor or the Radar Control Processor) controls the NDRX via Ethernet.
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