23 Giugno 2018

POSEIDON-EPSS (Eldes Programmable Seeker SImulator)

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Eldes Programmable Seeker Simulator (E-PSS)

The best solution
for ECM effectiveness verification against
Anti-Ship-Missiles (AShM)

•Hardware in the loop (HWIL) MOBILE and PROGRAMMABLE Sea-Skimmer seeker emulator.
•ESM/ECM/ECCM Test & evaluation in Navy Test Ranges or Navy trials.
•Powerful data recording capability and analysis with dedicated software.
•Low-Cost solution designed for shipborne EW verification.
•Wide operative Bandwidth: from X to Ka in sub-bands.
•SOFTWARE DEFINED RADAR Technology allows the user to easily program, through the GUI, any AShM seeker behaviour.
•Solid state Transmitter with programmable waveform.
•Programmable Digital receiver.
•Realtime Display: A,B,C scope, PPI, track error, spectrum.
•Lightweight and low-power consumption for mobile operation.

•Reduce shipborne ECM assessment time and associated costs.
•Improve shipborne ECM test accuracy.
•Allows the "fine-tuning" of the ECM libraries.
•Realistic training of the EW operators with accurately emulated threats.

•Shipborne ECM assessment during dedicated trials.
•AShM seeker ECCM development/verification.
•EW Operator training.
•Periodic efficiency check of EW equipment.

The verification of the Electronic Counter-Measure effectiveness, in particular against anti-ship-missiles (AShM), also known as Sea-Skimmer and other type of fire control radars, does not have an easy solution. Usually for this purpose, during EW trials, instrumented-seekers are commonly used.
This method has some limitations, as most of the time they do not represent the real threat. Furthermore, they are «static»; in fact they do not reproduce the dynamics of the real signals as a function of distance and trajectory.
Finally, such systems only emulate one type of threat and sometimes only the transmission pulse is generated. So it is not possible to accurately evaluate the real effects of the counter measure on the receiving and processing chain of the real threat radar or seeker. Therefore only the ESM part can be tested, while ECM effectiveness will not be assessed.
These limitations can be eliminated or at least considerably reduced by POSEIDON, the Eldes Programmable Seeker Simulator, thanks to the unique Software Defined Radar technology (SDR).

POSEIDON is a mobile Hardware in the Loop (HWIL) system that includes an Antenna (with proper scanning control), a programmable waveform solid state Transmitter, the RF front end, a programmable digital Receiver and Radar Signal Processor and a versatile Display and Control console.
All the HW is contained in an easy transportable ruggedized rack for rapid deployment in operational scenarios or in the EW Test Range to carry out specific and exhaustive trials in a relevant environment.
The User can define the desired threat radar TX and RX parameters according to the ELINT information, by means of a friendly Graphical User Interface. Then POSEIDON will be able to emulate in real time the radar model just created. So the emission and antenna motion, as well as the radar receiving/processing chain with the associated ECCM logics are replicated.
The real skin echo of the target, received through a real antenna, is detected and then tracked in range and angle by POSEIDON.
The EW system under test is then able to detect and classify the threat and, according to its library, will provide its "reaction", generating the ECM.

This approach allows ECM Equipment and Libraries verification in a realistic scenario against an «accurate and realistic replica» of the hostile radar system or seeker, thus allowing adjustments and verification of the EW equipment under test.
The tests can be displayed in real time on a Graphic interactive MMI and all the measured data can be stored and replayed for debriefing and effectiveness analysis purposes.
POSEIDON can simulate Fire Control Radar and Active Seekers.
POSEIDON can also be used as a valuable support for Radar system engineering to test the effectiveness of new radar and relevant ECCM techniques.

Operation principles
The POSEIDON system can be installed on a mobile platform (shelter, motorhome, truck) and positioned on the shore in a convenient location in the area where the trials will be carried out.

When the platform under test is engaged by POSEIDON (properly programmed to emulate the desired threat), it will recognize the threat and "react", generating its counter measure. The POSEIDON operator will be able to see (in real time) and to record the received data: i.e. target echo signal and the superimposed Jammer/deception as well as the tracking state of the emulated seeker and the relevant tracking errors. The relevant jammer signal spectrum is visualized as well. All this information will allow the user to assess the quality of its ECM against the emulated threat and therefore to refine the ECM libraries accordingly.

A Radar models Library can easily be generated by the user through the GUI according to the characteristics of the selected threats.
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