23 Giugno 2018

RDP MetraNet2

code: RDP MetraNet2 - Receivers and processors
The METRANET2 software package is a complete and powerful Radar Data Processor (RDP) system
designed to ingest the moment data from one or more radars and to create/distribute/display/archive radar "products".

The METRANET2 is designed to equip new weather radar systems or to
retrofit existing ones. The open METRANET2 architecture offers to the most demanding users fully programmable operations and easy integration of ´´User created Products´´.
The output standard formats guarantee full compatibility with other vendors´ data and scientific community.

The METRANET2 suite includes a wide variety of products: basic reflectivity; precipitation; wind velocity; hydrometeor classification; forecast and warning products. New products, even User designed, can easily be added to the system.

The scheduling module automatically manages the execution of several sets of user-designed system setups (scanning modes) that can be sequenced as a function of time and/or external events.

The METRANET2 RDP SW and its´ submodules run on a standard Linux-based server workstation and with any number of licensed client workstations (WEB accesses).
Radar control functions are managed through a user-friendly Graphical User Interface.

METRANET2 provides flexible archiving and retrieval for moment data as well as for RDP products.
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