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Remote control and monitoring for radar sites
A typical radar installation is composed of the following subsystems:
● All the systems comprising the radar itself;
● All the auxiliary equipment, such as the stand-by generator and UPS systems, the firealarm
and intrusion-alarm systems, the climate-control systems, and so on.

In order to guarantee optimal performance of the radar under any conditions, with continuity and security, it is necessary to monitor the state of all these systems and subsystems continually.

The RSS-10 is designed to provide this kind of continuous monitoring for all systems and subsystems, to verify their correct operation, and to make it easy to check their current operating parameters as well as to see how those parameters have varied over time.

Unlike other systems, which provide remote control only of the auxiliary systems, the RSS-10 provides flexible monitoring of many parameters of the radar itself, such as mains and various power supply voltages, transmitter output power, frequency control, etc.

The RSS-10 system
The primary functions of the RSS-10 remote control and management system are to monitor and record, in an accurate and detailed manner, the functioning of all the equipment normally present at a radar site, such as those illustrated below:
● The radar system
● The power system (the mains supply, standby
generator, and UPS)
● The climate-control system
● The fire-alarm and control system
● The security and intrusion alarm system
● Various systems for monitoring the ambient conditions

A remote operator can interact with each of these systems, monitoring current and past operating
parameters and sensor readouts, and sending commands as appropriate.

The control of radar-site equipment is carried out in real-time by means of the UPR remote control unit shown at the center of the figure, which can communicate with a wide variety of analog and digital sensors and control equipment. This guarantees full compatibility with the types of systems found at radar sites.

Thanks to the UPR and the associated re-configurable software provided for the monitoring terminal, the RSS-10 provides 24/7 monitoring and control of all the fundamental parameters at one or more remote radar sites, together with providing status and alarm messages in the case of malfunctions, over various communications paths such as SMS text messages.

To control a group of remote radars is is only necessary to install the UPR interface at each
site. Control/monitoring can be exercised from a single PC, or shared through a clientserver or web-based system as shown at the left.

The client-server/web architecture provides the flexibility to meet any type of simple or complex control/monitoring requirement, and the system can be expanded without the need for hardware or software modifications.
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