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code: RmS - Radar modernization suite
Over the years some components of a weather radar system become obsolete and their performance is no longer state of the art.
This is frequently the case for the receiver, signal processor, and data processor.
The transmitter and antenna systems are often still serviceable.

Radar modernization Suite (RmS) system or, coupled with a modern transmitter and antenna control unit, to build a new state-of-the-art weather radar.
RmS includes a complete digital receiver/radar signal processor, a computerized radar control processor (RCP) to control the whole radar system (antenna control unit and transmitter), and a remote control system (RSS-10) to allow unmanned operation of the radar site and the remote control and monitoring of the radar and related subsystems (i.e. emergency generator, air conditioning, anti-intrusion, etc.).
An optional radar data processor system (METRANET RDP) is available upon request for product generation and display.
The Basic RmS configuration is composed of the following units:
- Main rack
- RCU (optional)
- Console

The main rack includes the following subassemblies:
- The control panel, which distributes the power supply to the rack subassemblies with the proper over-current protections
- The digital receiver/RSP. The RF signal from the antenna is down converted to a 60MHz-IF by the Eldes integrated Receiver (IRX) and then routed to the digital receiver (NDRX), where it is digitally sampled and processed to obtain the moments for both single and dual polarization radar systems. The microwave receiver, which is available in C, S and X bands, guarantees ultra-wide dynamic range and unparalleled performance. The IRX also generates TX waveforms for fully coherent radars. This subassembly, from RF signal in to moment data out, is contained in a single 19-inch rack unit.
- The RCP (Radar Control Processor). Based on an industrial "mission critical" PC with various I/O options, the RCP is in charge of managing the antenna control unit, the transmitter, and the RSP, controlling the various operating parameters required by the desired scan schedule.
- The keyboard and monitor [RCP unit] includes a display and foldable keyboard installed in a drawer for local operation and RCP maintenance.
- The optional alarm and command Interface is based on an industrial PLC programmed to manage and monitor the intrinsic warnings and alarms from the transmitter and antenna-servo units in a fault-tolerant architecture. This unit may or may not be needed, depending upon the type of transmitter and antenna system.

- The RSS-10 (Remote Control) interface module manages control and monitoring of the data acquisition and other auxiliary services (i.e. emergency generator, air conditioning etc..) from a remote location or control center. This sub-system is essential for remote maintenance.
- The LAN switch manages the numerous Ethernet communication lines in the radar-site LAN.

The components external to the main cabinet include:
- The optional RCU (Radar Control Unit) that is an industrial panel PC with touch screen, on which the local-mode radar control program runs. It replaces old fashioned control units based on buttons, switches, lamps and instruments, and provides a local graphic user interface to manage all radar functions during maintenance.

The console workstation, typically installed in the radar room or in the next room at the radar site. It is used to control the radar and to display moments in real-time, as well as to provide local control for
maintenance and for system performance verification. Both the RCU and console are connected to the rack by means of the Ethernet LAN.
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