23 Giugno 2018
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generic radar simulator

The generic radar simulator (GRS) by Eldes is a fundamental tool for testing Electronic Warfare (EW) systems
The Generic Radar Simulator (GRS) by Eldes is the first born of an innovative generation of radar simulators to be used for assessing the correct operation and effectiveness of the Electronic Warfare systems already installed or under design. The radar simulator allows through a hardware in the loop approach (HWIL) to simulate the emissions of a wide number of different radars and threatens, Furthermore Eldes E PRS can also mimic the receiving chain (using real hardware) to evaluate the Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) effectiveness or to develop them. The radar models to be simulated (usually enemy´s ones) are completely user programmable through a very simple high level GUI. The simulators can be customized (HW and SW) according to the user specific needs in order to find the best cost/performance compromise. Useful info on www.eldesradar.com

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